We Are Open!

Welcome to The Bookshop, your new haven for captivating stories in downtown Norwich! As a family-run, independent bookstore, we carefully curate timeless novels, beloved children's books, and poetry to inspire and enrich your literary journey. Join us in celebrating our grand opening and embark on a magical adventure through the power of storytelling.

Come in and discover (or re-discover) the amazing stories waiting for you.

New In Store
More Than Covid: What the Pandemic Exposed in Church and Society
Rev. M. Van Reenen
Prairie Lion: The Life & Times of Ted Byfield
Jonathon Van Maren
Life Under Glass: The Ethics of Embryo Adoption
Justina Van Manen and Jonathon Van Maren
Jewels of Grace in Nigeria
Rev. Cornelius Sonnevelt
Six Cousins Again
Enid Blyton
The Mystery of Tally-Ho Cottage
Enid Blyton
Six Cousins at Mistletoe Farm
Enid Blyton
Ladies of the Lake
Cathy Gohlke
Brian Floca